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Try our commission calculator below to see what you could be earning under a Real Estate Capping Model.

So you’ve tried out our Commission Calculator to check out your potential earnings under a Capping Model.

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This calculator is based on eXp Realty's Capping Model, which eXp Australia offers its agents plus many other industry-leading and industry-first benefits.

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Like other online calculators, you can use this commission calculator easily without computing your calculations and comparisons manually.


Follow these easy steps to use our Commission Calculator:

  • First, input the Number of Sales you expect to settle for the year.

  • Second, input your Average Commission Charged per Listing as a dollar value (just input the number without the $ sign).

  • Then, input the Franchise Fee Percentage your Office Pays, if applicable (just input the number without the % sign)

  • Now input any additional Fees you may pay, e.g. Desk Fees or Royalty Fees, as an annual figure (again, just input the number without the $ sign)

  • Finally, input what your Percentage Split is with your Office, so if it’s 70/30 where you get 70%, then input 70 (without the % sign).

  • After you’ve entered all the values, the calculator will automatically generate the Income amount you earn in your current real estate office. It will calculate what you could be making if you went under eXp’s Capping Model, and it will also calculate the difference between your current Office and under the capping model.


A real estate capping model is where an agency includes a “cap” into its commission structure.


What’s a cap? It’s a set amount of production. In this case, our calculator uses a cap of $100,000 GCI.


After an agent gets to the cap amount, they're no longer required to pay a split to their Office. Capping means the agent receives 100% commission for the remainder of their anniversary year when the cap resets, and it starts again.


This commission calculator is based on eXp’s Capping model, where the commission split is 75/25 on the first $100,000 GCI, upon which you will “cap”. Therefore, the cap is $100,000 GCI and the maximum payable to eXp is $25,000 (25% x $100,000).


This means that eXp will only get 25% of your commissions on each settlement up until the amount they have collected reaches $25,000. Once that occurs, you will receive 100% of your commissions from your settlements until your anniversary year comes around and it starts over again.


In a nutshell, the maximum in commissions you will ever pay to eXp under their real estate capping model is $25,000. So whether you earn $100,000 GCI or $1 Million GCI for the year, you will only pay $25,000 to eXp as your commission split.


Calculate your commissions using our Commission Calculator and see what you could be earning eXp Realty Australia’s Capping Model.


An agent's income from real estate commissions is typically calculated in the following way:

  1. You make a $400,000 sale with a 2.5% commission rate, which would be $10,000.

  2. According to an agreed-upon amount, this $10,000 gets split between you and your real estate office (let’s say a 50/50 split).

  3. Sometimes, if it’s an office-generated lead, an additional percentage will be taken off the top, generally between 10-20%, but we won’t add it into this calculation for simplification.

  4. This means $5,000 goes to you for listing and selling the $400,000 home, and your Office also gets $5,000

  5. If there are additional franchise fees, desk fees or royalty fees, then these will also come into the equation


Bear in mind that this calculation doesn’t consider any additional franchise fees, desk fees, royalty fees or other expenses you may incur, such as marketing expenses, signage costs, reductions in commission, etc.

Your overall earning potential as a real estate agent isn’t solely dependent on how many sales you can settle and how much commission you receive off each sale.


It greatly depends on the following factors as well:

  • How much split you’re paying to your Office

  • What additional fees there are

  • Other commission reductions

  • How many hours you put in

  • Whether you’re a licenced real estate agent or salesperson

  • Your level of training; and

  • Which part of the country you work in


Now that you know more about how a real estate agent’s income gets calculated, find out what other benefits eXp Australia offers its agents.


Perhaps you’re considering a new career starting as a real estate agent. And before starting any new career opportunity, there’s always one important question that arises. “How much money am I able to make?”


If you’re new to real estate, it's essential to understand how a real estate agent’s income is earned. Obviously, real estate agents are hired by their clients to sell or purchase properties. And the income of an average real estate agent varies each year because their pay gets calculated on performance-based commissions.


Your earnings per year are based on the number of properties you sell and the commission you make on each sale. Typically, you will also work under the direction of an agency, and you will need to split your commission with them.


You list and sell the properties, and the commissions you make will then be split among you and your agency, based upon a contracted amount or percentage. Other fees may also be involved, such as desk fees, franchise fees, and royalty fees.


The commission split you receive will vary from agency to agency, and depending upon what else they offer, it generally ranges from 40 to 90%. So, it’s crucial to know what you’re getting for the commission split you pay to your agency.


A higher amount paid to the Office should mean that you're getting other benefits such as admin assistance, training and development and access to tools and systems to help you succeed.


It can also be overwhelming trying to compare what’s on offer from different agencies. You can see all the additional benefits of the eXp Realty capping model, which has a 75% split for the first $100,000 GCI, then 100% after that, by checking out our eXp Australia page.

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