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If you're a real estate agent looking for an opportunity to take your real estate career or business to the next level, then you should seriously consider joining eXp Realty Australia. If you haven't already done so, explore all the information on the eXp Australia opportunity and check out the additional benefits of partnering with One Great Force in eXp.


Also, find out our reasons as an Independent Agency Owner why we decided to join eXp Realty Australia below.


So, you've explored the eXp model and like what you see. Your next step is to choose one of the below options to Register Your Interest. Once you do this, we can discuss whether eXp is a good fit for you, your business and your desired lifestyle.



Why We Joined eXp Australia | Alex and Felicity Harden

When people first see the eXp real estate model, one of the first things that come to mind is that it's too good to be true.


I know we did!!


We've now been a part of eXp for the last few years, and we can tell you first-hand that it's better than good, and it's definitely true!


Whether you sell five properties a year or 105, there are benefits for agents at every level.

why join exp realty

When we partnered with eXp Realty in 2020, it was one of the most brilliant things we have ever done from a business perspective and in terms of freedom and lifestyle.


Why? Because from early in our work careers, we have always worked hard for other businesses to help them achieve their goals, with our personal goals and personal lives always a distant second.


Then, when we decided to finally work for ourselves and run our own real estate business, we experienced such hyper-growth that we were indeed making lots of money. But we also burnt ourselves out in the process.


We only had one listing and selling agent, Felicity, and Alex did all the marketing, social media strategies and online lead generation.


Although we loved what we were doing, we had no support, no systems, relatively high monthly costs, and limited technology and tools.


So, without the headaches of hiring and training staff and taking on more problems, we thought there had to be a better way.


That's when we came across eXp Australia.


What we loved most about eXp was that we were still able to run our real estate business as our own brand, Harden Property, but we now had all the support and significant cost savings we were so greatly after.


We were able to work for ourselves, but not by ourselves.


We were joining something far more significant than us. We're now part of an 80,000+ agent strong business with collaboration and support that the industry has never seen before. It's just the culture of eXp. You'll never feel like you're alone.


And it wasn't all about "what's in it for us?"


Before joining eXp, we took great satisfaction in helping other agents succeed, even in our immediate area, sharing the same strategies we use in our own business. There was nothing in it for us other than feeling good about providing help which that agent wasn't getting in their own real estate office.


We had the idealistic view to help change the real estate industry for the better, one agent at a time.


Thanks to eXp, we have our own "One Great Force" team that has allowed us to do precisely that. We love to share with other agents exactly how we've been able to build our own successful real estate business from scratch and how we're still doing it in the current environment.


It's also given us the means to help other real estate agents realise more opportunities. And we have even more tools and strategies to help agents build their own successful businesses and further create exit and retirement plans.


The other thing about eXp is that it may not be widely known here in Australia yet, but it's incredible to be part of such a rapidly growing global real estate company listed on the NASDAQ. We have a worldwide referral network, and we can leverage all the benefits of being part of something so huge whilst still being our own brand!


We love the colleagues we get to work alongside within eXp. And the opportunities that it has given us in our business and its contribution to our lifestyle are just incredible.


We get to keep more of what we earn. We're growing our share portfolio through company stock awards. We earn passive and residual income from company revenue share. We're building our own rent roll asset and further growing a team without the hassles.


We've also listed and sold 50+ homes each year through eXp and developed social proof that the eXp model works and further enhances agents' working and home lives for the better.


Until we knew the eXp real estate model could work for us and follow through on everything that it promised, we didn't want to recommend it to other agents. We've now benefited from aligning with eXp for the last two years.


We've experienced first-hand how it can significantly change the way you do business for the better and further add to your freedom, lifestyle and retirement plan.


So, now we've started letting other like-minded agents know about the eXp opportunity. Before that, they had no idea what they were missing out on or what they, too, could have.


eXp is one of those cases of you don't know what you don't know. So, you really need to check out all the information and talk to people like us to find out what you're missing out on.


If you're interested to explore more about what eXp has to offer its agents, check out our eXp eXplained. It outlines what eXp is, all the benefits and costs, and explains why you should seriously look at the eXp business model if you're an agent. Then check out all the additional benefits you get by choosing to partner up with our One Great Force team.


If you'd like to take action toward the next step and find out more, click on one of the links below to Register Your Interest in Exp Realty Australia; Book a Call with Us; Register for our Weekly eXp eXplained Webinar; or Email Us with any questions you may have.


We'd love to discuss how partnering with us can help you get the most out of your real estate business and your life.


But we have to warn you. ONCE YOU SEE IT… YOU CAN'T UNSEE IT!!!


The Ways Real Estate Agents Can Join eXp Realty Australia

Real estate agents can join eXp Realty Australia either as a Commission Only Agent or an Independent Contractor.


eXp Realty Australia works in harmony with each of the State Regulators in Australia when partnering with its Sales Representatives and Real Estate Agents.


So, agents must meet certain requirements before joining and becoming a part of eXp Realty in Australia, as outlined below.

Commission Only Agent or Sales Representative

  • Licence Requirements: Sales Person Registration or Full Real Estate Licence

  • Proof of Earnings: You must prove that you qualify under the Federal Award, which requires approximately $60,000 in income from real estate commissions within a consecutive 12-month period. And it must also be within the last 36 months.

Independent Contractor

  • Licence Requirements: Full Real Estate Licence

  • Must trade under a Pty Ltd Company

  • Additional Licence Requirements: Corporations Licence for the Pty Ltd Company

  • Must have your own Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance to specified levels

Independent Sole Trader Option

  • Licence Requirements: Full Real Estate Licence

  • Sole Traders are able to join as Independent Contractors

  • Must have your own Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance to specified levels

  • Sole Traders will need to transition their business to a Pty Ltd Company and get their Corporations Licence within 26 months from the date they join eXp

Why Should You Join eXp Realty Australia?

If you've explored all the great benefits eXp Realty offers, you've heard the testimonials and seen what it's doing to improve the lives of so many other agents, and you're still wondering why you should join. Think about this...


At the time of writing, eXp Realty has over 80,000+ agents across 21 countries worldwide. eXp has agents in:

It's safe to say that 80,000+ agents can't be wrong, so eXp must be doing something right!

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