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Lululiv Real Estate Rent Roll and eXp Realty Property Management Income


lululiv real estate rent roll


Many agents like the idea of building a rent roll, but nothing is less appealing than piles of paperwork, compliance, chasing $42 of arrears and endless staff demands.


You don’t want to be drawn into the nitty-gritty of a real estate rent roll when you should be focusing on what you do best, making money selling houses.

Instead, you want viable property management solutions that effectively manage your real estate rent roll.

Your eXp Realty Property Management Solutions

eXp Realty property management has been made possible through eXp's partnership with Lululiv. The property management solutions they provide allow agents to build and grow a real estate rent roll without worrying about property management.

Lululiv gives you the ability to build and own 100% of a real estate rent roll and earn income from it without taking care of any day-to-day property management.


You receive property management income and even have the opportunity to get listings from your real estate rent roll.


You don’t need to manage a rent roll to own a rent roll. Instead, build an additional saleable asset and passive income stream without the headache. This is definitely one of the leading property management solutions in the real estate industry.


When you choose them to manage your real estate rent roll, you get access to your Lululiv app platform, where you can start tracking your rent roll growth.


From the moment you sign up your clients, they step in and take care of the rest – all administration, compliance and customer experience. Their property management solutions are second to none.


Lululiv real estate rent roll management service and property management solutions covers the following.

  • Advertising

  • Landlord marketing kits

  • customer success

  • Early alert sales notifications

  • Principal operations

  • Property leasing

  • Starting a tenancy

  • Ingoing and outgoing inspections

  • Maintenance

  • Lease renewals

  • Bond Management

  • Ending a tenancy

  • Financials - Tenant

  • Financials - Landlord

  • Tribunal attendance

  • Legislative knowledge

  • Compliance

  • Trust account

  • Audits

  • Technology and systems

  • Subscriptions

  • Trade management

  • Hiring and onboarding staff

  • Staff training and management


Our belief is that owning an investment property should be easy.

Similarly, Lululiv understands how people use, love and adopt technology in every aspect of their lives and continuously improves how they connect with the renting community to make their lives simple.


The Lululiv real estate rent roll technology is leading-edge and supports your clients through their rental journey.

lululiv and exp realty realty property management solutions

Their easy to use technology in the Lululiv app saves Landlords time and money while keeping them connected to their property 24/7 with real-time updates.


Some of the points of difference you’ll be able to offer your clients by using Lululiv real estate rent roll management services and the Lululiv app include:

  • Instant open home reporting

  • The electronic signing of lease agreements

  • Self-help tool which allows Tenants to solve maintenance problems on their own

  • Trade Star-Ratings, with full Trade accountability

  • 24/7 access to information, in real-time, through the Lululiv App

  • Lululiv’s ‘One-Click’ Lease renewals


With Lululiv’s unique combination of innovative technology and dedicated property management specialists, you can build and grow your real estate rent roll with confidence and ease. The Lululiv real estate rent roll management model truly provides real estate agents with the best property management solutions.

LuluLiv Property Management eXp Australia 2022
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Does Lululiv sell properties?

No. Through Lululiv's early alert system, you get notified if your clients have expressed whether they are looking to sell their property.


Does Lululiv build its own real estate rent roll?

No. Lululiv's role is to support agents in building their real estate rent rolls.


What happens when I sign up a Landlord?

As soon as you successfully sign up a new landlord, the team are alerted and will call your client to start the simple onboarding process. From here, you can track what is happening through your Lululiv app platform.


Do I need to sign a contract with Lululiv?

Yes. You will need to enter into a Service Management Agreement with them. This agreement confirms that they can fulfils the obligations under the Management Agreements.


What happens if I have existing Property Management Agreements?

There is no change to existing Property Management Agreements – they remain in place. You sign up new landlords with minimum pricing conditions based on market rates.


What if a client is with another agency?

Not a problem. Lululiv will transition them across from the previous agency.


What if I want to leave Lululiv?

Lululiv’s service is month-to-month with no lock-in contracts. If their property management solutions and real estate rent roll service are not for you, all you need to do is give 30 days' notice.


Does the Lululiv app give visibility of my portfolio?

Yes, you will have access to your own app platform, giving you real-time visibility of your portfolio. If you prefer something sent to your inbox, they will send you a weekly email with valuable information about your portfolio. Everything can be tracked within the Lululiv app.


Do I need a Trust Account?

No. With Lululiv, they collect the property management income from rent through their own Trust account, which means no audits or month-end for you.


What does Lululiv cost to manage a real estate rent roll?

They pays you a % of the revenue of the portfolio from property management income. Contact us to discuss this further.


Do I need a Business Development Manager?

The choice is yours. You have the flexibility to grow your real estate rent roll with a BDM or through your Sales Agents.


Who owns the Property Management Agreements?

You retain ownership of the real estate rent roll, and the Property Management Agreements stay in your name. Lululiv simply fulfils all of the duties under the Agreements for you.


What happens if I want to sell my real estate rent roll?

There is no lock-in period in your contract with Lululiv. You are free to sell your real estate rent roll whenever you like.


Can I still market to my clients on the real estate rent roll?

Absolutely. It is business as usual. How you market to your clients remains unchanged.


How do I stay informed?

You’ll have complete transparency on your real estate rent roll. You get full access to your own Lululiv app platform to see what is going on in your rent roll, live as it happens.


What happens to the sales opportunities of my clients?

The Landlords are your clients, so it is business as usual. Lululiv’s property management systems are set up to send an automatic notification to you when an owner indicates they are looking to sell.


Does Lululiv handle the transition?

Yes. They work with you throughout the process and handle all leg work.


Can I do it myself?

Lululiv’s patented and multi-award-winning technology is at the core of its service. It is what allows them to deliver a new level of customer service.

Their technology platform is exclusively available to their customers.


What if Lululiv loses clients from the real estate rent roll?

Lululiv’s business is completely aligned with yours. They, too, are directly impacted if a client is lost, so they do everything to ensure that this is not a frequent event.

The company has a Customer First Principal that ensures their typical customers are at the centre of everything they do. They obsess over feedback and listen intently to what customers have to say.

During the transition phase (the first 30 days), they will work closely with you to ensure your customers feel comfortable with what is happening.


Will I have a single point of contact at Lululiv?

Yes. You will have a dedicated relationship manager. This person will be your point of contact for all operational, contractual and financial matters.

Your relationship manager will then connect with the relevant personnel to ensure that your question gets addressed.


When do I get paid from the property management income from the real estate rent roll?

Property management income from your real estate rent roll is paid to you at the start of each month. The amount of property management income is based on fees, charges and expenses collected in the previous month.


Who collects the rent?

Once Lululiv has been engaged, all property management income from rent gets paid into their Trust Account. They notify tenants of this change as part of their onboarding process.


What about data privacy and industry legislation?

Lululiv must comply with all Australian Corporations, privacy, Consumer Law and Fair Trading regulations.


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