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What is eXp Realty Commission Split Maximum Earning Potential


what is exp realty commission split structure

What is eXp Realty Commission Split for Australia?

Let's look at what is eXp Realty commission split for Australian agents. The eXp Realty splits in Australia allow you to keep 75-100% of your real estate commissions.


The company's agents get to take advantage of the industry-leading and an Australia first "Cap". Which is when the company no longer expect to receive a split from the commissions you earn. Instead, you retain 100% of your commission when you reach $100,000 GCI (we call this a CAP).

No, we didn’t leave a zero off the end of that number. You did read it right, $100,000 GCI is the Cap. And what is eXp Realty commission split to the company - 0% once you reach $100,000 GCI for the year.


How is the eXp Realty Commission Split different from other pay structures?

Some companies will allow their agents high commission splits of up to 95% for very high levels of performance. Or some companies offer high splits but fall woefully short in the areas of training and support. That’s the thing, 95% or 100% of nothing is still nothing.


What the eXp Realty commission split structure offers is the best of all models and none of the bad bits. The commission split to agents is not only extremely generous, but agents also get great access to training and support. And you don’t have to be a million-dollar agent to reap all the benefits.


The company rewards you as you should be rewarded – by being able to keep 100% of your hard-earned commissions. Allowing you to enjoy a work-life balance rather than working yourself to the bone to get higher commission splits.


Prior to reaching the Cap, your splits are a generous 75%. That's 75% to you, the agent, and 25% to the company. This Cap resets every year on your anniversary date of starting with the company.


The percentage of what is eXp Realty commission split is also not reliant upon any level of sales. There’s no minimum production to be on a 75% split with the company. Everyone is paid the same generous commission split until they Cap and keep it all.

Try our eXp Realty Commission Calculator to calculate what is eXp Realty commission split and the potential earnings you can get under the Capping Model.

what is exp realty commission split


Find out the difference to your income under the eXp Realty Commission Split and Australian Capping model. Calculate the real estate commission split comparison.

eXp Realty Australia Costs and Fees

In addition to the generous eXp Realty commission split and Cap, there are no desk fees or franchise fees and zero royalty fees.

There is a very affordable monthly subscription fee of $199+GST that gets you access to 13+ subscriptions essential to run your business.


This subscription includes things like your Agent Box CRM, subscriptions to portals like REA and Domain. You get access to Realworks or you state REI forms and even CoreLogic too. There’s many others, check out our detailed list of your subscription inclusions.


There is a one-off $199+GST set-up fee. This gets you set up with all of the subscriptions you need to successfully run your real estate business. Plus, you even get a starter pack valued at $400 with 500 business cards, your email address and agent photo included.   


Your transactions are managed for the low cost of $250+GST. And this is only charged on settled transactions not on transactions that don’t get all the way through to settlement.

Significant Cost Savings with an eXp Realty Australia Subscription

If you signed up to even one of the subscriptions included in your subscription fee outside of eXp, such as the CRM or even CoreLogic, you would be paying more per month than your entire eXp subscription. AND you would be subject to at least a 12 month contract.


An individual agent saves over $1,300 per month on the retail cost of the subscriptions included for just $199+GST per month with eXp. That’s less than 10% of the cost!


And that is calculated on the basics you need to run a successful business. A lot of what the company believes every agent needs are smart technology and systems to make running your business easier and less time-consuming.


They want to ensure you have the tools and support to get off the real estate roller coaster. Giving you more consistent income and the ability to work as much or as little as you want. All whilst achieving your goals and being able to enjoy your work-life balance.

Other Streams of Income Available to Agents

In addition to the generous eXp Realty commission split and low monthly fee, agents in eXp Australia also get further benefits and rewards from just doing their regular daily job.


Unique to eXp agents is the ability to earn company stock in several ways. Including on their first settlement, once they have Capped, when they reach ICON Status and through the eXp agent equity program.

The ICON award is where you can earn back almost your entire split in shares when you achieve certain production goals and cultural goals. Not to mention the pretty trophy, international recognition and referrals that other agents send your way.


There is also the revenue share program whereby agents can earn additional income when they grow a revenue share team by introducing producing agents to the company.

Basically, rather than paying a corporate recruiter to grow the company, they pay essentially an ongoing referral fee to its agents who introduce transacting agents to the company. The best part, compensation comes from company dollars and doesn’t affect the producing agent’s commission.


Additionally, you have the opportunity to build your own rent roll where you have none of the hassles and retain 100% of the asset with Lululiv real estate rent roll management.

So, you can earn more passive income, grow a rent roll asset that you can sell, enjoy the benefits of the sales pipeline that comes off the rent roll and have as much or as little to do with your owner/investors as you like.

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