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The Hardens Why Choose eXp Realty


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Who are The Hardens?

The Hardens, Alex and Felicity Harden, are real estate agents, entrepreneurs and leaders in their industry. Further providing mentorship and free real estate training to other agents wanting to grow their business, live a lifestyle and “Win The Game”.


This power couple has built and continues to run a highly successful real estate business in South East Queensland, which they began in 2019 and built from the ground up with very little funds, no pipeline or database and no name in the area.


Having moved from interstate, they had no name recognition, no circle of influence or connections and sold over $750,000 GCI within their first nine months of starting their business.


Alex took on the responsibility of Real Estate Marketing and Lead Generation for their business, and Felicity remains their sole sales agent.


Felicity consistently achieves phenomenal results for her clients and has been recognised in publications such as Elite Agent Magazine and is the first eXp Global Agent to achieve the coveted eXp Realty ICON Agent status not only once but twice.


Why Did The Hardens Choose to Join eXp Realty?

Find out all the reasons why The Hardens joined eXp Realty.

Changing the Real Estate Industry, One Agent at a Time

Achieving outstanding results for their clients through their real estate business Harden Property, it became more apparent and critical to The Hardens that the general scarcity mindset within the industry needed to change.


So, they set about creating an environment and movement where agents empower and assist one another with an abundance mindset. An environment of agents helping agents. Where free real estate training and strategies are shared amongst themselves in building better agents.


The Hardens believe agents who work hard to achieve the best results for their clients should be supported, celebrated and rewarded by being able to do better for themselves and their families.


They further believe that the best way for this is for those agents to have unlimited access to free real estate training, lead generation systems and the freedom to work where, when and how they want.


The Hardens want agents to be able to run their businesses for significantly less cost and less risk whilst retaining more of their hard-earned income. And they want to see agents be able to plan for their future and create sustainable wealth and more freedom through real estate for themselves and their families.

Once an idealistic dream, now it's been made possible.

How? By partnering with eXp Realty and leveraging everything the eXp real estate model has to offer, they've been able to help change the real estate industry, one agent at a time.

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The Hardens Vision which started One Great Force

Having seen and experienced first-hand how overwhelming this industry can be.


From working in an office, under-appreciated and paying significant splits to the office for little or no actual benefit.


To building and running their own successful real estate business with hypergrowth and a huge success.

The Hardens wanted to create an environment of support and open discussion with like-minded agents to bring their knowledge, expertise and “forces” together to become One Great Force.

Find out more about what benefits One Great Force offers in assisting agents' success as well as free real estate training when you choose The Hardens, Alex and Felicity Harden, as your sponsor in eXp Realty.


What's in store next for The Hardens?

The Hardens have big plans, and they want to share them with you.


Alex and Felicity Harden are forever building and adding to their resources whilst running their own successful businesses, Harden Property and Harden Prestige, and building their own rent roll through Lululiv.


The Hardens have a dedicated real estate coaching and mentoring YouTube channel, are building a dedicated coaching platform, and W.A.S.P. (Winning Agent Success Program) is in the works. This will become a free real estate training program for all One Great Force partners in eXp.


Watch this space, as there are even more exciting developments in store for their One Great Force team.


Why Choose The Hardens as Your eXp Sponsor?

The Hardens created One Great Force for the benefit of agents who partner with eXp to ensure they hit the ground running with all the support they need to achieve their chosen level of success.


When you partner with Alex and Felicity Harden, you are partnering with One Great Force. You’re entitled to all the benefits that come alongside that, and all that eXp offers its agents already.


Such benefits include weekly free real estate training and coaching sessions, in-person and Zoom catch-ups, current tips and tricks working in the market right now, and all of The Hardens content to help you build your business and sales organisation as you wish.


You’ll get access to excellent real estate training from other industry-leading coaches and mentors such as The Real Estate Training Community, Glenn Twiddle’s Training, Grant Cardone University and other incredible coaches, the likes of Hank Avink.

Make sure you check out all the benefits of partnering with The Hardens as part of One Great Force.


It also goes without saying that you will get direct access to The Hardens, Alex and Felicity Harden, each with their own very relevant set of knowledge and skills.


Regardless, if you plan to list and sell more real estate, increase your profits, build your rent roll or grow a team, The Hardens can help you “Win The Game”.

Book a call with The Hardens below if you need any more reasons.

What can partnering up with
One Great Force in eXp do for you?

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